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Liquid Biocell (Collagen)



"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year.  Prior to the diagnosis I had suffered chronic pain for a while, seeing multiple doctors and trying different medications and stratigies to help me deal with my issue.  Then, I was invited to Christmas in July and it has literally changed everything!!!  In 6 days I felt a difference!  I felt energized, the pain in my shoulders and arms was subsiding.  I could focus.  Liquid collagen made all the difference!" ~ S. Bush

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Lean Body System (Weightloss)



"Love the lean body system.  I lost inches in my tummy and butt lifted, gained more muscle.  Went from a size 8/9 to 5/6." ~ D. Cox

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Collagen Inside Out System (Skincare)



At age 54, I hated the way my skin looked: wrinkles, sagging and perioral hormonal acne.  I wouldn’t let the kids take pictures of me.  I began using the entire line of antiaging treatments from a premium skincare company.  They helped, a little.  But four years ago, I found this liquid collagen/HA matrix and started drinking my skincare.  In six months, my acne cleared up and my skin was firming up.  And bonus: all the increasing joint discomfort in my hands and hips was gone.  Once the collagen CG topical treatments began arriving on the scene, I threw out about 10 different antiaging products from the other company and began using just 3.  I am no longer “jowly” and I no longer see my eyelids that used to droop over my eyes. ~ Terri B.

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